What is Night Vision?

I guess we’ll find out soon. I started Night Vision partially because I had a lot of wine one Saturday night and was convinced into it by a persuasive friend, but mostly because I craved a corner of the Internet where I could write what I wanted to write, editors and SEO be damned.

Just kidding! (Kinda.) Love you, editors. Definitely don’t love you, SEO.

A little about me: I’m Megan McCarty, a writer, editor, etc.-er based in Minneapolis. I write about design, travel and wellness – the fun stuff! – for Domino, Hunker, Wit & Delight and more. Here’s my Instagram, if you wanna nose around my selfies from 2013. I’m so grateful to get to write for a living, and that this outlet allows me to write the wacky stuff I could never get accepted by an editor.

For now, every edition of Night Vision is free. It might not be forever, but we’ll get there when we get there.

What you could find in Night Vision: the best bars in Amsterdam where you intend to drink alone but then meet lifelong friends because people in Amsterdam are so damn nice, the story of an elderly man named Larry who tried to sleep with me at the Philadelphia airport on my 29th birthday, takeaways from my summer of exclusively watching Michael Douglas movies, sad poems I wrote in 2013, sad poems I wrote last night, what I’m drinking, what I’m not eating, therapy breakthroughs, Marissa Cooper’s most outrageous outfits, solicited or unsolicited financial guidance, perhaps some Days of Our Lives plot points from the ‘90s that I’m still thinking about. 

Glad you’re here,

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Megan McCarty

Writer, editor, etc-er. // Zipper when merging.